Long Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

In the ever-challenging world of long term care, providers need to deliver more with limited resources and a shifting landscape of third party reimbursements. Miller’s Pharmacy partners with our customers to meet these challenges and keep the focus where it belongs: on patient health and welfare.

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Customer Testimonials

"Miller’s Pharmacy provides us the perfect blend of customer service and value via their intimate & attentive Neighborhood pharmacy approach and access to competitive regional & national resources & pricing.”

-Jim DeVoe

“Our transition to Miller’s Pharmacy was a wonderful experience. Their team was proactive with impeccable follow through on everything- it was an efficient & hassle-free transition that exceeded my expectations.”

-Sara Pokracki

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Customer Support That Goes Beyond Medication Fulfillment

Rely on Miller’s Pharmacy as your partner in providing superior patient care:

  • Dedicated account specialists become an extension of your team
  • Onsite reordering for the most accurate inventory management
  • Medications delivered on your schedule, not ours
  • Speedy medication returns processing
  • Updates for EMARs and MARs
  • Emergency box replenishment

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Technology That improves Patient Safety And Saves Time

State-of-the-art Miller’s Pharmacy technology reduces errors and improves efficiency:

  • Robotic dispensing for virtually error-free medication fulfillment
  • Bar-coding to verify medication, count and dosage
  • Medication carts with keyless entry
  • Dedicated pharmacy portal for easy order management
  • Software integration for ease of use and reliability

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Formulary Management Expertise That Saves Money

Miller's Pharmacy expertise and forms processing address Medicare and Medicaid issues:

  • Medicare Part D advice and guidance
  • Prior authorization and step therapy management
  • Medicaid prescription monitoring
  • Pre-admission screening and cost analysis within minutes
  • Pre-populated prior authorization forms

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